What is the PPR pipe?

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What is the PPR pipe? 
PP-R pipe is known of polypropylene pipes, polypropylene random copolymer with a pipe by extrusion, injection molding a tube. Europe's early development and application of 90 new plastic pipe products. PP-R in the '80s, using gas polymerization processes to make about 5% PE in the molecular chain of PP random uniform polymer (random copolymer) and a new generation of pipe materials. It has good impact resistance and long-term creep properties.

PPR Pipe PP-formally named pipe is used in most home improvement projects a water supply pipeline. 
PPR pipe interface with hot-melt technology, are completely integrated into the pipe together, so once installed pressure tested and will not be further leakage, high reliability. This does not mean there is no defect 
ppr pipes water pipes, heat resistance, a less pressure more long-term working temperature should not exceed 70 ℃; each piece of limited length, and can not bend construction, long distance or if the pipeline the corner and more should be used in the construction of a large number of joints; pipe fittings cheap but relatively high prices. Speaking from the overall performance, PPR pipe is the high cost of pipe, water pipe so as decoration material of choice for transformation. 

ppr pipes market sales in three colors, white green and gray, why have this distinction, distributors of raw materials used in PPR answer is filler particles, and the different result. Better for the material of which white green boutique PPR pipe, gray was slightly worse in early common pipe materials. 
General transformation in the water, existing water mains will be replaced, home improvement companies and businesses in the proposed installation of PPR pipe fitting all those who use hot water pipes, even the cold water flowing through the parts with hot water pipes. Their argument is that because of the technical parameters of hot water than cold water pipes, and the price is little difference, so that transportation and transformation of all hot water pipes. Another fact is that even if you want to buy a cold water pipe on the market is also very difficult to buy because the cold water pipe only to be tooling market, not the supply of home improvement market. 
PPR pipe diameters from 16mm diameter to 160mm, home improvement is mainly used in 20mm, 25mm two (commonly known as 6 were in charge, one-inch tube), 4 of which used more in charge of some. 

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