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In view of the fast development of China’s WPC composite materials, it is necessary to open up new markets. In recent years there is apparent progress in the new products development in China’s WPC industry, especially in mold design which has had great attainment in a very short period, and machinery processing.
  In order to keep the competitiveness, counterparts in North America paid great attention in the innovation of WPC composite materials. European and American countries focus more on the innovation of new materials development, while Chinese WPC enterprises emphasize more on the technology improvement. As there may be some problems for American enterprises to strengthen the innovation in some aspects, which provides China, India, and to some extent some European countries with good opportunities. European countries have made successful innovation with its unique high precision applications. However, facing the challenges from China, European WPC composites manufacturers are worrying about their future development.
  There is a stricter environmental standard in European markets, for example, it is not allowed to use pvc in WPC mixture in those countries, while such situation is a very common thing in China, and it is required to use sustainable forestry source as the raw material. An administrator in Chinese WPC composite industry said, the government has provided great support for WPC research. The relevant patents applied by China’s universities and enterprises have surpassed 600 items.
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