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Wooden Plastic Compound Material is a kind of compound material with vast application, produced with plastic and wooden fiber which are mixed at certain ratio, added with special additives and then to be extruded at high temperature finally to form different types of products for diverse purpose.

1. Wooden Plastic Compound Material is a new product manufactured via recycling old wood through newly innovated technologies, which is capable of substituting wooden materials. While conserving natural resources, such a material possesses not only texture and vein of real wood but also technical characteristics like workable and recyclable, resistant to water, erosion, flame, mold, moth and pollution.

2. Thanks to disparate procedures concerning production and process between wooden & plastic material and real wood, production durance and fees in connection with raw material storage and dissipation, post process can be shortened considerably. Meanwhile, completely different processing proceedings extend the temperature resistance of wooden & plastic materials to 800c as upper limit and -200c as lower limit, which overcomes natural setbacks of real wood such as fission, bend, colorful specks and mould dos etc.

3. Thanks to strong elasticity, Wooden Plastic Compound Material is suitable for indoor decoration. Moreover, unique production technology makes it possible to produce different types with varied specifications, forms and thickness, colors and textures to satisfy diverse applications.

4. Because no any glue used during the process of production, hazardous substances such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, Amino Acid and Trichloroethylene etc are absent. Consequently, Wooden Plastic Compound Material is a green product which is about to take the place of traditional wooden materials.

5. In term of process, just like natural wooden material, such a compound material is good at nailing, planning, drilling and sticking. Moreover, with fine and smooth surface, such a material needs no polishing or painting. In the meantime, perform excellent in painting as different colors can be applied well up to consumers' will.

As a new material to replace traditional wood, Wooden Plastic Compound Material can be utilized widely in Construction, Decoration and Outdoor Building Materials, Shutters, Staircase Railings, Flooring Boards, Fences etc. For instance, most indoor and outdoor decorative materials can be produced with wooden plastic. What shall be presented specially is the fact that wooden plastic material is resistant to flame and water. From this point of view, it can be used to decorate kitchen and bathroom, which lags traditional wood materials far behind. Up to now, pervaded attention has been paid to the wooden plastic products in the international community, which are regarded as Green Environmental Protection Products which are with a promising prospective.

6. Soak both sample pieces into water and keep this situation for half an hour. When time is up, it is obviously observed that the wooden fiberboard swells, deforms, but Wooden Plastic Board is still intact.

7. Fire two sample boards with lighting candle in the same time and, then move the candle away after 1 minute. Wooden fiberboard begins burning and Wooden Plastic Board extinguishes immediately as soon as the candle taken away.
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