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Energy-saving vertical injection molding machine can be divided into two parts: one part is the driving force, a heating section. Looking at the market in various forms of vertical injection molding machine energy-saving, energy-saving servo characteristics of its high stability, high saving rate, is the most reliable and feasible energy saving mode.

Traditional plastic machinery in the energy point of view also has some potential, because the previous design often focus only on stand-alone CA-HN-calorie detector production capacity. In the energy-saving plastic machinery design, production speed is not the most important indicator, the most important indicator is the energy per unit weight of processed products. Therefore, the mechanical structure of the device must control mode, and the operating conditions to optimize the design based on the minimum energy consumption.

Servo Energy series of vertical injection molding machine, equipped with a high-performance variable speed power servo control system, vertical injection molding machine for a different experience in pressure and flow, making the output frequency is not the same, and the pressure and flow for precise closed-loop control complete servo motor for vertical injection molding machine energy demand, high-speed response and the best match with the automatic adjustment.

Moreover, after the transformation of energy-saving rate servo injection molding machine is based on tonnage, detailed parameters of electrical power, cooling dwell time and other decisions, in general, the greater the cooling tonnage longer dwell time, the higher the saving rate after the transformation, the more power savings. The more electricity savings.

The traditional vertical injection molding machine is adopted quantitative pump oil, the vertical injection molding machine through the various movements of speed, pressure requirements are different, it is the adoption of the overflow valve to adjust the way through the proportional excess vertical injection molding machine oil flow back through the return line tank, the whole experience, the motor speed is constant, so the fuel supply is fixed, and the action is performed because of the gap, and also may not be able to be fully loaded, so quantitative oil there is a very large waste of space, it was found that at least about 35-50%.

With proportional flow signal proportional pressure servomotor is targeted at this waste of space, real-time detection from the vertical injection molding machine CNC system, adjust the various conditions required for operation of the motor speed (ie, flow regulation), so that the pump with a flow pressure, just to meet the needs of the system, while in the non-action status, so that the motor stops running, so saving space is further increased, so the vertical injection molding machine energy-saving servo can bring good energy saving effect.
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