Material in manufacturing WPC products

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The WPC additives is an essential material in manufacturing WPC products, they greatly determine the quality of WPC products.
As the wood powder has a strong hydroscopicity and polarity, while most of the thermoplastics are nonpolar and has a strong hydrophobicity,so that, the compatibility between wood powder and thermoplastics is poor, and adhesion power of the interface is small. Generally, we need to use suitable additives to modify the surface of the plastics polymer and wood powder, in order to improve affinity for the surface between the wood powder and rein.
Moreover, the highly filled wood powder in the thermoplastic fluxing has a poor dispersion force, usually exist in the form of a aggregation state, which make the fusant has a poor fluidity, and difficult to for extrusion, molding and processing. So it need to add the surface treatment agent to improve the flowability and make it easy for extrusion and molding.
Meanwhile, for the plastic substrate, it is also necessary to add various additives to improve its processability and performance of the finished products. These additives can improve the binding force between the polymer and the wood powder, in this way, the mechanical properties of wood plastic composite material can be improved.
The common additives includes coupling agent, plasticizer, plastic lubricant, colorant, foaming agent, ultraviolet stabilizer, etc.
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