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Summary:2015 hot sale most popular WPC deckingWe can save 2.7cbm natural timber when use 1cbm of WPC materials,it equiva...
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【Product description】
2015 hot sale most popular WPC decking
We can save 2.7cbm natural timber when use 1cbm of WPC materials,

it equivalents to absorbing 12.5 tones of Carbon dioxide(CO2),and releasing 4.6 tones of Qxygen(O2)

1.The contrast of WPC and Wood 
Characteristics       WPC           Wood
Moisture Resistance    Waterproof       Water absorptive
Rot Resistance       Antisepsis         Rot except special treating
Split Resistance       No Cracked       Cracked by weathering effect
Distortion Resistance   Almost no Contraction/expansion   Distorting effected by chang ofmoisture and temperature
UV Resistance        High Grade UV Resistance     Easily effected by UV
Fading Resistance     Almost no         Easy to fade
Outdoor adaptability    Great            Only few of treatedowood adaptive
No need painting      No need          Need paint periodically
Durable/longevity      > 8-15 years       < 3 years
Various Configuration   Extruded via various mould   simplex
Environment Effect     Recyclable 100%    Consume woods
2.Camino WPC material
35% environmental plastic materials(Grade A Recycled HDPE and new PP)
55% natural fiber (wood powder, bamboo powder, etc
10% chemical additives. (Anti-UV agent, Anti-oxidation agent, stabilizers, colorants, anti fungus agent, coupling agent, reinforcing agent, lubricants.)

CE, ROHS, ISO9001, ISO14001, Intertek Test Report by ASTM

4.Surface Treatment
WG(wood Grain),DP(Dull poush),TN(Thin tooth),MM(Medium Tooth),TK(Thick Tooth)
Embossing, Sanded, Smooth, Brushed, Scratched, Grained

160x25,158x25,150x35,150x30,150x25,149x34,147x23,146x31,146x23,145x21,140x30,140x25,140x23,140x17,135x25,100x25,100x20,100x17 and so on.

Light brown, Brown, Dark brown, Light gray, Dark gray, Black,white,Wood,Cedar,Copper brown,Sandalwood,Coffee,Grey,

Step 1:Put the keel in the bottom with the recommended 30-40cm distance
Step 2:Dig a 1.5cm-deep hole and put the nail in.
Step 3:Combine the two boards and tighten the screw.

Garden, Lawn, Balcony, Corridor, Garage, patios, rooftops, pathways,basements,greenhouses,pool&SPA Surrounds, Boardwalk, Playground

Outdoor place Main application
Decking board Plank,walk path,bridge sidewalk(soild or hollow)
Pole material handrail,railingfence,partition,scale board
Flower pots board Flower pot,tree pool,trash can
Decoration board Outside wall decoration board,sun shade,shutter
Bench slip Rest chair,backrest slip,leisure table surface
Sign board Sign board,indictor,billboard
Structural material post,beem,keel(fittings available)
Integrated uses Flower frame,gallery,gazebo,terrace,garage
Indoor place Main application
Ceiling,interior panel,bath room board,door pocket and window casing,partition sound barrier,decorative moulding
1.With high density,durable,high strength and elegant looking
3.Water proof,Easy to maintainance and clean
4. Environmental friendly, low carbon,100% recycled.
5. Easy installation, auto-locking
6. Temperature resistance, suitable from -29°C to +51°C
7. Long-lasting to use (10 years warranty)
8. With wood scent, very natural feel
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