PE Black Plastic Water Pipe
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Summary:Material PE100 PE80Diameter DN20mm-1000mmThickness 2.3mm-59.3mmPressure 0.6Mpa 0.8Mpa 1.0Mpa 1.25Mpa 1.6MpaStandard GB/T...
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【Product description】


  PE100 PE80






  0.6Mpa  0.8Mpa  1.0Mpa  1.25Mpa 1.6Mpa






  1.Non-toxic,apply to drinking water supply widely

  2.Green initiaive,pe is a recycled material,environment friendly

  3.Corrosion resistance,pe belongs to inert material,s canresistance to various chemical media

  4.Light weight,easy to transport and install,lower maintance costs

  5.Non-leakage,pe pipe be connected by electric welding


1. Polyethylene material non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-scaling, can effectively improve the quality of pipe network.
2. Pipe wall roughness galvanized steel pipe and ductile iron pipe of the sixth, which can effectively reduce water consumption.
3. Polyethylene pipe is a kind of pipe with high toughness, high adaptability to uneven subsidence of pipe foundation, strong resistance to underground movement and load, and can effectively improve the safety and reliability of water supply.
4. The polyethylene pipe adopts the fusion butt type, the tensile strength of the fusion joint is not lower than the strength of the pipe body, and the integration of the joint and the pipe is realized, which can effectively reduce the leakage rate of the urban pipe network.
5. High strength, impact resistance and pressure cracking performance.
6. Light weight, easy handling, easy to install, reliable, low overall cost.
7. Long service life, polyethylene pipe system design life of about 50 years.

Product range of applications:

1. Town water pipe network system Large-diameter PE pipe, non-toxic hygiene, non-scaling, more suitable for urban water supply pipe and buried pipe, safety and health, construction convenience.
2. Replaceable cement pipe, cast iron pipe and steel pipe Without a large area of excavation, construction convenience, low cost. Can be widely used in the transformation of the old pipe network.
3. Industrial raw material pipelines Chemical, chemical fiber, food, forestry, pharmaceuticals, light industry, papermaking, metallurgy and other industrial raw material pipe.
4. Landscaping water supply network Landscaping need a large number of water pipelines, PE pipe flexibility and low cost, making it the best choice.
5. Sewage discharge pipe PE pipe has a unique corrosion resistance, can be used for industrial wastewater, sewage discharge, low cost and maintenance costs.
6. Agricultural irrigation pipes PE pipe wall smooth, large flow, cross-road construction, impact resistance, is ideal for agricultural irrigation pipe.

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