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Summary:PPR Pipe FittingsSize(mm)DN20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 110MaterialRandom Polypropylene or PP-R and Brass insertsLow h...
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【Product description】

PPR Pipe Fittings
Size(mm) DN20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 110
Material Random Polypropylene or PP-R and Brass inserts
Low heat Conductivity 0.21w/mk ,    1/1500of brass pipe,    1/250 of steel pipe
Vicat softening temperature ≥131.5°c 
Low coefficient of thermal expansion 0.16mm/(m·k)
Low coefficent of friction 0.007
Support pressure 45kgf/cm2,  ≥2.5Mpa
Temperature (-40)° c ~ +110°c
Oxygen penetration coefficient 0
Chemical UV resistant; smooth outer and inner wall;
free from blisters, roughness; no scaling, antibacterial;
Health harmless,non-toxic,hygienic
Serviceable life more than 50 years
Certification ISO9001:2000     ISO14001      CE
Portable,to be transported and handled conveniently.
Low installation expense due to easy and reliable installation.
Suitable for both exposed and hidden installation.
Application Area:
1. Piping systems for transporting hot and cold water in dwelling house;
2. Piping systems for transporting and discharging industrial and chemical subject;
3. Pipeline for purified water, drinking water;
4. Piping systems for producing and conveying beverage and drug;
5. Pipeline for compressed air;
6. Piping systems for air-conditioning;
7. Piping systems for underfloor heating and warming;
8. Other piping systems in industry and agriculture. 
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