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Summary:Product Application1 by three layer co extrusion mould, composite pipe layer thickness.2 the production of pipe pr...
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【Product description】

Product Application 

1 by three layer co extrusion mould, composite pipe layer thickness.
2 the production of pipe products and ordinary PP-R pipe compared with high pressure strength, high temperature deformation, low expansion coefficient and so on.
3 pipe production costs less than PP-R pipe 5%~10%.
4 production line using PLC control system, man-machine dialogue interface, with a single adjustment, full linkage, fault alarm, automatic storage and record process parameters, easy operation, stable and reliable production. 

Application Area: 

1. Cold and hot water systems of residence and commercial buildings.
2. Transportation of industrial water supply and chemical materials.
3. Pure water pipe system.
4. Piping networks for rainwater utilization systems.
5. Irrigation systems for gardens.
6. Transportation system of drinking water production.
7. Piping networks for solar plants.
8. Other pipes in industry and agriculture. in one word,laboratories, chemical pipe works, hot and cold water syatem, water purifying engineering, underground heating system 


1)thermal insulating and energy saving
2)corrosion resistance and scale free
3)light weight and high strength
4)convenient and reliable installation
5)long service life at elevated temperature up to 60 degree celsis, for short term up to 95 degree celsis 6)flexible and tolerated ground movement 

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